Showcasing delicious events online
We were approached to redesign a new website that will reflect the quality of their offerings: unique venue selection, bespoke catering, event themes and decorations, entertainment bookings, flower arrangements, staffing management. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and since food teleport has yet to exist, the next best thing to make someone’s appetite going is through photographs. We did this through vibrant, crisp, high-resolution images of delectable cuisines, a gallery of London’s finest venues, and dramatic shots of various hosted events - all with full screen views that load in a jiffy.
Jacob Issacharoff Diamonds — Polishing gems and digital showrooms
The office had kept its spot for over two decades, sustaining its sparkling reputation in precious stones and jewellery dealership through years of world travel and foreign market knowledge. And because it’s a family affair, much care goes into forging strong relationships with some of the world’s best jewellery manufacturers.
Crescor Travel — Going the extra mile in travel services
Excellent customer service goes beyond meeting a demand. For Crescor, it means offering personalised services. That’s why we helped them build a website that’s capable of giving their clients more than just the bare minimum, such as integrated itineraries, pre-booked city transportation, suggestions for local goings-on, and personal hotel welcome packs.
Ben Rose Furniture — Making home furnishing swift and trouble-free
Tactile objects like furniture are still easier sold in physical shops where customers can have contact with the product. The challenge of a digital shop is to create sensory experience to match the absence of touch. By giving Ben Rose’s audience access to helpful particulars such as product ranges, detailed product descriptions, product dimensions, pricing, easy checkout process, and delivery options, we’ve filled in the information gap.
Hatzolah of Mill Basin — Backing a charitable cause through web applications
Hatzolah of Mill Basin offers pre-hospital emergency medical treatment. They wanted to run several fundraising dinners per year and needed a platform that enabled them to receive online donations, sell event admission tickets, as well as “Chinese auction” prize tickets. The team also wanted to be able to create different themes for different events online without having to build a new website each time.
Daily Fitness Coach — Sculpting bodies and healthy lifestyles
Sometimes, all it takes is a subtle nudge. Daily Fitness Coach does this well. Their affordable services, painless checkout system, and “Cancel Anytime” approach makes it easy for visitors to sign up to their services.
The Biltong Factory — Snack subscription for adventurous meat eaters.
Subscription services can offer predictable revenue and financial comfort ...when you get it right. The Biltong Factory, an award winning Biltong producer, came to us with a list of technical and experiential challenges they wanted us to resolve. One of those challenges involved automating orders as they noticed that customers have been placing the same order every 1 or 2 weeks. They wanted an intuitive and easy to use way for their customers to customise their bags and subscribe. Recognising the potential of their website to increase their business helped us move them forward. User Experience would sit at the heart of the project.